About Shower Power

A simple story of a small family business…and really great customers.

Over 10 years ago, two brothers bought Shower Power and worked to get it on supermarket shelves while spreading the word about their little-shower-cleaner-that-could. But when retirement came, it was time for them to relax a little more, and Shower Power had to close its doors.

The owner's sons (that's us), were working elsewhere, but took notice of all the letters, phone calls and emails pouring in from customers stating how much they missed Shower Power bathroom cleaner and if we could find a way to sell Shower Power again. Well, when hardworking folks take time out of their busy lives to both look us up and reach out, we take notice. We went back into production and are now bringing the same exact product to you exclusively over the web.

Since our return, your response has been overwhelmingly positive. So thank you for all of your support (see our testimonial page to see what we're talking about), and we'll keep bringing you Shower Power as best we can.

John & David
Shower Power, LLC